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Do it yourself kits can often deter people from using them. It has been seen that it may seem all too easy but it is not actually so and you tend to leave the project aside as it gathers dust and you end up going to a store and bring in a ready to use product or get a carpenter or contractor to come by and set it up for you or carry out the job as required. Now this defeats the very purpose as well and gets the costs up as well.

Reduce energy wastage

However here is one product that is definitely easier to use than many of the do it yourself kits that are available in the market. And not only is it an essential service that you require for your home, it is also a safer and quicker way to do it as well. As you must know, over time most of our houses develop cracks and leaks and this brings up our energy bills to a huge amount and while it is a drain on the wallet, it also contributes to an unsafe environment with unnecessary energy utilisation. With Foam It Green you can enjoy the experience of an easy to use do it yourself kit, keep costs low and keep the environment safe too. Let us look at the reasons why you should switch to this spray foam installation method.

  • You will find that using spray foam kit is really easy with very clear instructions that can be downloaded and followed.
  • You can also follow videos that give you a step by step instruction on how to seal those nasty leaks and keep the cold away.
  • While it is easy to understand and get you started, they also have customer service team on stand by 24/7 to ensure that all your doubts are cleared.
  • The foam is given a green colour to help you understand that the mixture is well blended and ready for use.
  • The spray gun is patented and this design enables you to use it easily and spray just the right amount of foam in the crevices.
  • The spray foam kit comes with a temperature strip which tells you that the chemicals have blended well and it is ready to be used.

Don’t delay any further

With this foam spray gun, you can start work on your home right away and save on rising energy bills.

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